SOCK Finds

October 23, 2015

A few fun finds I've discovered while researching SOCK (part of Bloomsbury's Object Lesson Series).

A couple of vintage—dorky, catchy, totally inane—Interwoven sock ads. The first features a sweepstakes for what some call the world's ugliest car, the Gremlin.

Two paintings by Egon Schiele, who was obsessed with socks—and feet, and extremities in general. In some of his most powerful work, the feet are cut off, absent, or simply disappear within the black, sexy despair of socks and stockings.

Vivienne Westwood has more fun with them than most designers. I love Prince Charming's.

And finally, how to look fetching in knee socks. First—you need long legs. Second, a tree to lean against. Bardot and Twiggy.