news & events

• I'm excited to be developing a series of classes on the Personal Essay for the wonderful Grub Street. Check out my Teaching page for more specifics. 

• The Summer 2013 issue of Brevity includes my essay "I Wish I Could Write Like Russell Edson".
• Hey! I won Boston's 12th "Literary Death Match." Super event. Adrian Todd Zuniga and his east coast producer, Kirsten Sims, do a fantastic job turning a reading into a truly fun party.
EVENT: I'll be participating in the upcoming Literary Death Match-Boston on Tuesday, May 14. Tickets and info here.
• I love the cover of the new Michigan Quarterly Review, which contains a short story of mine called "Toast" and some work by one of my favorite poets, Marianne Boruch.
• The really interesting blog "Great Writers Steal" did a post on my very short essay "Last Cookies."

• EVENT: Friday, March 8, from 3-5 pm at the Goodlife Lounge in Boston: I'll be reading with a bunch of other folks in the current issue of the Seneca Review. Free fake tattoos, for those who like free fake tattoos.
• Hot of the press! YOU: an Anthology of Essays Devoted to the Second Person, which contains my essay "Questionnaire for My Grandfather" and lots of other inventive, intriguing essays. More info here.
• My lyric essay "Why Dim Sum Makes Me Feel Tender" appears in the newest issue of the Seneca Review. (Can't decide if I love or hate the disturbing cover... I think the cognitive dissonance created by the grated cheese/rubber toes just freezes my brain.)
• New World Writing published a Feature of my work, including a lyric essay called "Knitting 101" and an interview.
• New World Writing published my short essay "Last Cookies."
• Elephant Journal published a short essay of mine called "The Problem with Shavasana: Remembering David Rakoff."