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The Twenty-Seventh Letter of the Alphabet
a memoir

"This ambitious memoir glints with poetry and wisdom . . . aching, endless, unresolved, and extremely compelling." 

"Blazes with harrowing moments . . . An intimate and searching accumulation of the moments, tender and brutal, that heap together and create a life." 

"Whimsical, even darkly funny at times, brimming with compassion, terribly sad and deeply loving. Memoir readers should not miss this singular offering." 

"Adrian’s unique approach . . . jigsaws together the bits and pieces of her experiences in order to create this beautiful reckoning." 

“A stunning merger of form and content; a remarkable portrait-becomes-self-portrait; and something like a master class in complicity.”
—David Shields, author of Reality Hunger

The Twenty-Seventh Letter of the Alphabet is a revelation . . . Each page I read pulled me deeper under the book’s peculiar spell.
—Alysia Abbott, author of Fairlyand: a Memoir of My Father

“A vivid, vibrant glossary of a life.”
—Dinty W. Moore, author of Between Panic & Desire

“Desperately serious work . . . An agonized, beautiful, unflinching account.”
—Lee Upton, author of Visitations: Stories

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