Los Angeles Review of Books
interviewed by Sariah Dorbin
"A good essay examines its subject very deeply, without preconceived notions, without judgement. Your only real tools, beyond language, are your observational abilities and your curiosity."
Tin House
interviewed by Michelle Wildgen
"I kept trying to make paragraphs that functioned like paintings by cramming as much information into one spot as I could."
Washington Independent Review of Books
interviewed by Holly Smith
"I’m very interested in the mundane. The ordinary. The easily overlooked. In this sense, the sock was a perfect subject for me."
Punctuate Magazine
interviewed by Jenna McGuiggan
"I think the honey badger makes a great mascot for all serious writing. It’s tenacious, a little insane, it gets the job done, even if it almost dies trying. But most of all, it 'don’t care.'"
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New World Writing
interviewed by Gary Percesepe
"The parts of people that interest me, that I fall in love with, or think are intriguing, are usually the parts that they’re less aware of themselves. Self-consciousness throws up a big screen, and usually that’s boring."
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The Leaving Years Blog
interviewed by Kathryn Kopple
"One of the reasons the essay appeals to me is that it can be both extremely personal—actually intimate—but at the same time almost clinical in its engagement with facts."
Essay Daily
interviewed by Ander Monson
"At some point I realized that all the stories and novels and essays I loved best to read actually worked against the kind of prescripts I was trying so hard to master."
Barnstorm Literary Journal
interviewed by Wes Hood
"Either you prioritize the work itself, or you prioritize selling it. Both are valid options. They're just different paths, with different outcomes."
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