The Shell Game

The Shell Game
University of Nebraska Press (2018) - essay anthology (editor)
“Pushes the boundaries of prose and opens up a whole new world. . . . [The Shell Game] makes readers feel as if they are learning what an essay is (or could be) all over again.” —New Pages

“The essays in this collection bring with them a sense of hope about literature and its capacity for evolution and change.” —The Millions

“Adrian’s introduction demonstrates the potential and beauty of the hermit crab approach [and] . . . is often laugh-out-loud funny.” —Literary Journalism Studies

“Anyone from the expert essayist, lay reader, or a teacher looking for an evocative anthology will find something of value in these pages.” —Columbia Journal

The Shell Game may serve to expand what readers think of when they think of the essay.” —Punctuate Magazine

“If you were to recommend this book to others, you’d likely tell them to savor it, make it last.” —Hippocampus Magazine

“A unique and significant contribution.” —Split Rock Review
Imperfections are part of the charm, since, like its namesake, the hermit crab essay insists on approaching its own existence at a tilt—not quite sideways, but a little bit lopsided and, at the same time, weirdly bullheaded.