My Thoughts on Paté
short story in Agni | nominated for a Puschart Prize

'Gooseberries' and Red Currants
personal essay in  Tin House | nominated for a Pushcart Prize

The Matter of Translation: Wislawa Szymborska's 'Conversation with a Rock'
literary essay in Gettysburg Review

I Wish I Could Write Like Russell Edson
lyric essay in Brevity

The Twenty-Seventh Letter of the Alphabet
excerpts from a memoir in Agni | nominated for a Pushcart Prize

The Cut
short story in Crazyhorse

Last Cookies
lyric essay in New World Writing

Why Dim Sum Makes Me Feel Tender
lyric essay in the Seneca Review | Chinese translation by Ping Xu in Writer Magazine 
Questionnaire for My Grandfather
lyric essay in The Gettysburg Review | anthologized in YOU: Essays Devoted to the Second Person | Chinese translation by Ping Xu in Yangtze River Series

short story in Michigan Quarterly Review

Knitting 101
lyric essay in New World Writing
A Pickle of a Novel: Clarice Lispector's The Passion According to G.H.
critical essay in Tin House

The Ritual
personal reflection in O: the Oprah Magazine (August 2017)

How to Buy Peaches
personal essay in Tin House | Notable Essay, Best American Essays 2010

Famous Cake
short story in Post Road (no.13)

Five Photographs
memoir in Ninth Letter (v.6, no.1) | Special Mention, Pushcart Prize XXXIV

Eight Photographs
memoir in New Ohio Review (no.4) | Editors' Prize, New Ohio Review | nominated for  a Pushcart Prize

A Prayer for the Future of Everything: On Oe Kenzaburo
literary essay in Raritan Review (v.29, no.2)

On Valentin Papadin’s Teach Yourself to Be a Madman
critical essay in Tin House (v.10, no.1)

Poe’s Death-Watches and the Architecture of Doubt
literary essay in New England Review (v.27, no.2) | reprinted in Poetry Criticism (v.198)

personal essay in The Maine Review (v.3, no.1)


On Writing the (Short) Nonfiction Book: a Conversation
Poets & Writers

Containing the Hidden Lives of Ordinary Things: a Conversation with Seven Authors
Assay: a Journal of Nonfiction Studies

Artist to Artist: How Does Your Subject Shape the Process of Making It