Blooomsbury Academic (2017) - aesthetics, cultural criticism
Sock reflects on the brilliance present in the minutiae of our lives. With piercing wit, idiosyncratic humor and sharply insightful moments of personal examination, Adrian uses the most domestic of items as a lens through which to view the inelegance and wondrousness of humanity.” —Shelf Awareness

“A thoroughly delightful discussion.” —Washington Independent Review of Books

“An utterly engaging investigation . . . of human evolution, anatomy, physics, sexuality, fashion, painting, consumerism, manufacturing, and motherhood. . . . Illuminating, erudite, deeply intelligent.” —Los Angeles Review of Books

“What a treat! . . . This slim little marvel of trivia and attention to the overlooked . . . was a near-religious experience for me.” —Pages of Julia


Rétifism, with or without the accent, means shoe fetish. Podophilia is love of the foot. Sock fetishists go by the name "sock fetishists," because, I suppose, like all things sock-ish, even the extremists lean toward the mundane.