Landing page—smartphone pics by Kim Adrian of the following photographs as viewed on laptop:
Nara (readers on commuter train) (detail), André Kertész, 1968
New York (books scattered on sidewalk) (detail), André Kertész, 1974
Budapest (large statue and woman reading on stool) (detail), André Kertész, 1971
Seeking Comfort in an Uncomfortable Chair (details), Bruno Munari, 1944
Hand Studies (detail), Charles Schenk, 1902
[Bruce Chatwin Riding a Bike on Fischer Island in 1975 While Reading a Book], as published on the cover of Book Forum Feb/Mar. 2011, artist unknown
ABOUT page—Author photograph by James D. Carr
ETC page—internet find, attribution unknown
PRESS page—internet find, attribution unknown
OTHER WORK page—internet find, attribution unknown
This page—smartphone pic by Kim Adrian of Bruno Munari's Seeking Comfort in an Uncomfortable Chair (detail), 1944, as viewed on laptop