Kim Adrian works her painful subject matter with great care and respect. —Sven Birkerts

The Twenty-Seventh Letter of the Alphabet is forthcoming from the University of Nebraska Press as part of their American Lives Series, edited by Tobias Wolff. An exploration of the mechanics of memory in a family haunted by mental illness, addiction, and incest, this memoir gathers together bits of family lore and descriptions of old photographs, along with memories and fragile half-memories of a chaotic childhood, arranging them in the form of a glossary—neatly catalogued and cross-referenced. But within this strategic reckoning of the past, the unruly present carves an unpredictable path as the author's mother, now approaching old age, plunges into ever deeper and more dangerous realms of paranoia.

Kim Adrian is a Boston-based writer with three books forthcoming in the next year. Her award-winning stories and essays have appeared in Tin House, the Gettysburg Review, Agni, Crazyhorse, Brevity, and many other places.

Read excerpts from The Twenty-Seventh Letter of the Alphabet in the latest issue of Agni magazine.

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Part of Bloomsbury's Object Lessons SeriesSock unravels the the history, construction, and necessity of the humble sock. By examining this most common of objects, something we daily tug on and take off with hardly a thought, Kim Adrian reintroduces us to our own bodies—vulnerable, bipedal, and flawed. September 2017.