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“Adrian’s writing remains hypnotic on every subject.”—Tin House
Praise for Kim's newest book, Dear Knausgaard
If you’re seeking a heady, thoughtful response to a heady, thoughtful multi-volume work — well, we have a recommendation for you.”
Vol.1 Brooklyn
The book ends up being about not just what it means to read Knausgaard’s work, but what it means to read, to think, to allow oneself to be not just moved by a piece of art, but altered by it in 'the special kind of communion that’s sometimes possible through the medium of text.'”
The Boston Globe
A story with a shadow half. This ambitious memoir glints with poetry and wisdom . . . aching, endless, unresolved, and extremely compelling.”
Los Angeles Review of Books
[Adrian's] glossary is strangely gripping, with a momentum pulling the reader in and through. The result is whimsical, even darkly funny at times, brimming with compassion, terribly sad and deeply loving. Memoir readers should not miss this singular offering.”
Shelf Awareness
Praise for the anthology Kim edited, The Shell Game: Writers Play with Borrowed Forms
The essays in this collection bring with them a sense of hope about literature and its capacity for evolution and change.”
The Millions
This book is the science fiction of creative nonfiction, or better yet, the Ulysses of the modern essay . . . it makes readers feel as if they are learning what an essay is (or could be) all over again.”
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Praise for Kim's "Object Lessons" book, Sock
An utterly engaging investigation — not so much of [the sock], per se, as of human evolution, anatomy, physics, sexuality, fashion, painting, consumerism, manufacturing, and motherhood . . . illuminating, erudite, deeply intelligent.”
Los Angeles Review of Books
Sock reflects on the brilliance present in the minutiae of our lives. With piercing wit, idiosyncratic humor and sharply insightful moments of personal examination, Adrian uses the most domestic of items as a lens through which to view the inelegance and wondrousness of humanity.”
Shelf Awareness


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