Fiction Advocate (2020) - literary criticism
A heartfelt celebration of the act of reading and a compelling feminist critique of the 6-volume autobiographical novel My Struggle by Norwegian writer Karl Ove Knausgaard. “Personal, wonderfully engaged, intense but somehow simultaneously light-footed, and extremely intelligent.” —James Wood, literary critic for The New Yorker

University of Nebraska Press (2018) - memoir
An intimate portrait of the chaos of a mother's mental illness and a deep meditation on storytelling itself—written in the form of a glossary. “Whimsical, even darkly funny at times, brimming with compassion, terribly sad and deeply loving. Memoir readers should not miss this singular offering.” —Shelf Awareness

Bloomsbury (2017) - lyric criticism
An examination of the humble sock reveals extraordinary secrets hiding in this most ordinary objects and along the way reintroduces us to our own bodies—vulnerable, bipedal, and flawed. “An utterly engaging investigation . . . Illuminating, erudite, deeply intelligent.” —Los Angeles Review of Books

University of Nebraska Press (2018) - edited volume
An anthology of lyric essays that borrow their forms from ordinary, everyday sources—such as recipes, police reports, and crossword puzzles. “The essays in this collection bring with them a sense of hope about literature and its capacity for evolution and change.”—The Millions
An audience member drew this picture of me during a reading from my memoir.
Verso: "Your words make all the difference."
I especially love the 💡 above my head.