brutal matter

"Literature is concerned with plot and character. Its intention is to be “well-written” and “comprehensible.” It’s a very commonplace activity. Then there is the progression towards writing … writing as writing … I mean simple textual writing.… It is that desire to do something new which compels one to move from literature to writing and from writing to matière écrite … brutal matter … no wasted words or wasted time. I also colored in the poem … the manuscript itself is a piece of visual art … There is an oral aspect to it, as well as a visual and a musical architectural aspect … This is no longer “writing,” it’s the process of working with a material that is common to all art. An artist who reaches this point – like Beethoven in music or Cézanne in painting – no longer knows, in the final count, how he does what he does. I am convinced of this. I call this a state of wisdom."
—Pierre Guyotat
Antonio Tapies - Gran X, 1988

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